I've taken a week off from training due to my knees bothering me. Resuming tomorrow with normal schedule. The highlight as of lately is the 14.35 miles I ran at Red Rock. I am beyond ready for Lovell Canyon on April 26, so I'm gonna get a few more long ones banged out between now and then, but am keeping a close eye on my knees.

Fun stuff.


Twelve miler down the Las Vegas Strip (and back up)

My workouts were long this week (eight miles each), but I only had two, plus the twelve miler I did on the Strip this morning. There were quite a few other people out running the strip, too, which was pretty encouraging because we'd greet each other with a smile, a wave, or a head nod. Most of us runners are a friendly bunch. The run took me from the site of the house I own in a historic neighborhood, which is near Charleston Blvd. and Las Vegas Blvd. I took LVB all the way down to the famous Welcome-To-Las-Vegas sign, which is about a quarter-mile south of Russell Road (think Mandalay Bay). I think the biggest challenge was tackling the cross-walk/footbridges at Tropicana, Spring Mountain, and Flamingo, which basically amounted to scaling a flight of stairs, each.

All-in-all, it was a good run. I had no pain and no stiffness or severe fatigue to speak of. I did some yard work at the house I own afterwards, then drove home for a nap. I just scarfed some tuna and cabbage salad for dinner.


31 miles and stomach issues.

So here's how things went down this week. I put in seven miles Monday, six on Wednesday, seven on Thursday, and eleven for my long run on Saturday. I've had to back off on the throttle a little bit due to my knees acting a little janky. Other than that I had a pretty decent week. Well, other than that and the stomach bug I woke up with this morning. I must've passed about a gallon of water when I woke up. I'm starting to feel better now, but I'm still pretty lethargic. I started yesterday's two-hour treadmill run a bit gassy yesterday, so I'm thinking the condition existed before I even got started, the activity just pushed me over the edge. This problem existed briefly last year when I was training for the Las Vegas Half. My GI doctor said that it's probably ischemic in nature, meaning that blood flow to that nether region is restricted due to it being redirected to my legs and lungs while running. I looked it up. Seems like it's fairly common. Small price to pay, I reckon.

Guess I'll have to watch what I eat when I start to put the miles on. Or something.:-)