Calico Racing Mardi Gras Masquerade 10K

Pre-race photo op with an inflatable jester.

Time: 1:02:23. w00t! Great times this race. It was definitely a family-oriented event as there were pinatas for the kids (and the adults) after the race. Participation appeared to be about 50-75 folks, including children as young as seven. There was a kid that looked only a little older than my oldest son who passed me like I was standing still (not saying much, seriously. I kid. I kid.). Those youngsters have inspired me to get my kids running shoes and get them signed up for some 5K's. They had plastic Mardi Gras beads for participants to purchase, plenty of chow, and plenty of water along with Hammer HEED sports drink. The goody bag included a t-shirt and (yet another) sample of Udder Cream.

All-in-all, the event was well organized and the staff, friendly. I'm looking forward to Calico's Labor Of Love event on April 26, as mentioned in my inaugural post, where I'll be running the half-marathon again.

Great times, great scenery, great run. Now onto training for the Labor Of Love half. The plan is to maintain running six milers two or three times during the week, then running my long runs on Saturday mornings leading up to race day, toggling between long and shorter runs each Saturday. I think I'll go with 9-6-11-6-11-6-12-6-13-6-8 or 10-race day (distance in miles on each Saturday), or something like that.




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