Twelve miler down the Las Vegas Strip (and back up)

My workouts were long this week (eight miles each), but I only had two, plus the twelve miler I did on the Strip this morning. There were quite a few other people out running the strip, too, which was pretty encouraging because we'd greet each other with a smile, a wave, or a head nod. Most of us runners are a friendly bunch. The run took me from the site of the house I own in a historic neighborhood, which is near Charleston Blvd. and Las Vegas Blvd. I took LVB all the way down to the famous Welcome-To-Las-Vegas sign, which is about a quarter-mile south of Russell Road (think Mandalay Bay). I think the biggest challenge was tackling the cross-walk/footbridges at Tropicana, Spring Mountain, and Flamingo, which basically amounted to scaling a flight of stairs, each.

All-in-all, it was a good run. I had no pain and no stiffness or severe fatigue to speak of. I did some yard work at the house I own afterwards, then drove home for a nap. I just scarfed some tuna and cabbage salad for dinner.


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